SUPERFANS: Fans, who make up only 14 percent of the total music consumer population, yet comprise a whopping 34 percent of the share of music spend.

Featuring.Me is a totally different way for your fans to experience your music. We like to think of it like a recipe…a delicious recipe you can make with stuff you have “laying around” and it will always come out great! And the best part is you have already done all the prep work!

Ok, so you know all those great ideas for your latest song that you put to the side because they just didn’t “fit”? Yeah, those. Featuring.Me allows you to present all those ideas as different options, within the framework of the given song, to your fans and lets them select the elements they like best to create their own version.

In other words, your fans can enjoy your “released” version as well as a personalized version of your song based on choices you give them. So your superfans now have more of your content available to them for purchase!

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